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Program Description Author Hardware
Penguin Rocket Launcher Penguin Rocket Launcher is a one-digit countdown timer, decrementing numbers from 60 seconds. Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Basic Counter This is a basic single digit counter for Penguin robot. It silently counts from 0 to 9 and ends by turning off the display. Reset to repeat. Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Brain Timer PENGUINS' ONE MINUTE BRAIN TIMER uses some kind of Vulcan technology to time events, as a seconds timer starting at 0 and incrementing upwards to one full minute. It uses the one digit display and shows only one digit numbers, one at a time, to achieve sixty seconds and uses a simple Truth Table to count Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Continuous Counter This is a single digit counter - uses digits one through nine and zero. The counting sequence is continuous and repeats 1000 times. The sequence counts 1 through 9 and then zero. The zero is representative of ten in the complete sequence.
The counter is a good utility that's drop in code to other applications or can be used as a stand alone sequential counter. The code only takes up 4% EEPROM space and consumes a tiny register and a half.
Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Infinity Timer This is Penguin's Infinity timer. It actually counts ten thousand numbers! It silently counts 1 to 9 then 0 and repeats a thousand times. The time in between numeral displays is about one second. Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Silent Timer Penguin 60 Second Timer with 7-segment Display (no sound) counts 1 to 9, then 0, and repeats six times, then shuts off. The time in between numbers displayed is about one second. Humanoido Stock Penguin
Penguin Tiny Timer This program turns Penguin robot into an accurate timer without any clock or components add-on. It has code to accurately do timing. This is made possible by the new faster Penguin board which has more cycles per unit time. The code has all the tiny frills - lights, sound, and timing! Exactly, it's penguin_tiny_timer. It does tick-clock. Ticks like a watch, clocks like a digital timer. Uses the segment display and special sound echo subroutine to generate a bonified tick sound. Humanoido Stock Penguin
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