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Handbook of Basic Stamp Supercomputing PDF Print E-mail

Handbook of Basic Stamp Supercomputing

This book introduces three new creative Stamp supercomputer projects and numerous applications, tips, references and collections of vital and useful information for all Basic Stamp supercomputer enthusiasts. Included are schematics, build instructions and complete program listings for testing, various methods of communication, and simplified Artificial Intelligence. Here you’ll find many idea innovations for “rolling your own.”

  1. The Stamp Seed Supercomputer SSS, code name Baby, is a ten core collection of BS1 boards. It’s power is in the software – the same code that loads to each core. From there, each program becomes a life form and evolves.
  2. The Stamp TriCore Supercomputer is a three core collection of BS1 boards, used to test the SSS AI. It’s fully capable of running a special version of the SEED AI software. See posting sources for downloads.
  3. The Minuscule Stamp Supercomputer MSS is a smallest Stamp supercomputer in terms of the minimum number of cores. It’s purpose is initial testing of the BS1 wiring, design, function, serial communication, and Piezo Language PLAN , in a simple easy to use package. There is no SEED software written for the two-core MSS, though it’s suggested as an exercise.

Build information about hardware and software is included to replicate and create your own stamp supercomputers. These new generation stamp processing machines are a spinoff of the original Basic Stamp Supercomputer. For more information about the BSS and related machines, consult the resource listing near the end of this book.

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